Digitalizing the whole analytics pipeline to provide the world with fast, simple, and reliable blood test. Everywhere.

Our new prortotype for Dried blood spot (DBS) analysis is complete!

Participation in VIVA Technology in Paris last June!
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We're building a new, portable device that will make remote blood testing easier, faster, and cheaper.

lightScience was founded by a multi-disciplinary team of PhDs, MDs, computer scientists, and researchers from the best universities in Europe & Switzerland. Want to know more? Contact us.

What NIR technology is and how it works

Near-infrared spectroscopy ( NIRS ) uses a harmless means to study biological tissue optical radiation, or simply a ray of light, precisely the spectral band in the near infrared so between 700 and 950 nanometers.
The sample is hit by an absolutely harmless radiation that makes it vibrate molecules, which react differently according to their chemical-physical properties, transforming an electrical signal into an analytical results.
Not using chemical solvents or reagents, this technique is very safe for healthcare professionals and patients, respects the environment and is not expensive as it doesn't involve the cost of disposing of hazardous chemical waste.
NIRS is a non-invasive, real-time diagnostic technique that can accurately measure the presence of lipids, peptides, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and other elements, using portable, relatively low-cost instruments.
These features give it an enormous potential value in many different fields of application.
The NIR photon launched into the biological tissue does not cross it according to a straight path between source and detector, but runs a longer path, similar to a split line, more or less complex depending on the number of "scattering events Which it undergoes, which ends with the total absorption of the photon by the tissue or with its exit from the tissue ("transmitted" photons and "reflected" photons).
The applications in the medical field of NIR technology are many, for example it can be used to evaluate oxygenation and microvascular function in the brain (cerebral NIRS) or in peripheral tissues (peripheral NIRS), we at lightScience have developed a blood screening model through this technology and miniaturized the device to perform blood exams and determinate the presence of some kind of Proteins or Virus.
Furthermore, through MyLab you are connected with your doctor or a healthcare professional who validates the values of the analyzes and sends the results directly to your smartphone.

MyLab: THE NEW Modular Portable Scanner

MayLab is a new portable device based on lightScience technology. MyLab allows quick, reliable, and safe mass screening without the need for chemical reagents and delivers accurate results, validated by human professionals.


Our patented method makes it possible to scan a droplet of fluid, digitize its spectrometric data, and analyze it with a specific chemometric algorithm directly in the Cloud, providing human-validated results to the end-user.

  • Based on AI tech applied to NIR spectrometry

  • Optimized for quick and frequent mass screening

  • Usable wherever there is an Internet connection

How it works

It is enough to scan a droplet of fluid with MyLab to have its spectrometric data analyzed by our proprietary technology. The results are then validated by a human healthcare professional, and sent back to the user in real-time.

  • Simple and reliable

  • Safer for patient and professionals

  • Scaleable

  • No reagents required

Research and applications

MyLab has been designed during the Covid-2019 pandemic when the need for a cheap, fast and reliable method for mass screening was outcried by scientists and world leaders alike. Although epidemics management was at the core of the idea, MyLab can deliver anywhere the need for quick mass screening can arise:

  • Portable hubs

  • Epidemic outbreacks

  • Industrial and military sites

We receive the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Award from National Academy of Medicine!

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Winner of the WMF 2020

We are proud to announce our victory on the main stage of the 2020 Web Marketing Festival Startup Competition!
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Participation in VIVA Technology in Paris this June!
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Presentation of MyLab Prototype at VIVA Technology 2022 in Paris!
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New interview after the Primary site programme of "Confindustria for medical devices"
for Companies and start-up
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Participation at the CES 2023 in Las Vegas!!

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Participation at the CES 2022 in Las Vegas!!

European Human Genetics Conference in Vienna


Recent publications

Our scientific progress has been published and can be consulted here:
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Our challenge passes through studying and researching many aspects of various pathologies, and in 2020 our attention was directed to the study of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic:
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